P0rnhub Said It Received More Android Visitors Than Those From iOS in 2018

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Yes! Android users love watching p0rn than iOS users, according to data from the largest p0rn video sharing company on the Internet, P0rnhub.

At the end of every year, P0rnhub does a recap of the year to give us insight on the most popular search terms, operating systems and web browsers that were used during that year. Now the adult company has posted its year in review for 2018.

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According to P0rnhub, 71.6% of its traffic came from mobile phones, 8.7% from Tablets and 19.7% from Desktop. This stats compared to last year, is an 8% gain for mobile phone users and an 8% decline for tablet users, and an 18% decline for Desktop.

From the total mobile phone traffic, Android powered devices made up 54% of the visitors worldwide, while iPhones and iPads made up 44.4%. Windows mobile users account for 0.3% of the visitors, while the remaining 0.9% was classified as others.

There was a 2% slump in visitors of P0rnhub from devices running Apple's mobile iOS, while Android powered device gain 2%. Note that some events and happenings caused traffic to rise and drop on P0rnhub. During Apple's Gather Round event held on September 12 for the launch of th 2018 iPhone models, P0rnhub recorded an 11% decline in P0rnhub viewers using iOS device.

For the browsers, Chrome topped by Safari browser by 1% margin. I know you will be wondering why the Chrome browser didn't receive a wide margin over Safari since there are many Android users than those on iOS.

The simple answer is that Safari is the favoured iOS browser while Chrome has soo many competitors like Firefox, Opera Mini, etc, on Android.

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