Here's A look At Samsungs Foldable F Leaked Concept Inspired Renders

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The wait for the launch of Samsungs foldable phone (Galaxy X?) is almost over as the date to the launch draws near.

We have seen several renders in the pasts that suggests what the Samsung Galaxy X device might look like until recently when we got a glimpse of the device in a leaked promo video.

Well, renders masters at LetsGoDigital have created an interesting render of the Samsung foldable device from the leaked promo video.

The render shows a Samsung foldable gadget that has a block design, the device folds vertically as opposed to some renders that suggested the device will fold horizontal.

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The battery also seems to be housed at the right half of the device underneath as the left half has a screen that can operated when the device folds into two.

What we know so far is that the device will come with a 7.3-inch infinity Flex display when its not folded, and a secondary 4.6-inch display on the outside when its folded.

Chinese tech giant Huawei also has a foldable phone in the works. While that of Samsungs has a 7.3-inch display, Huawei's will come with an 8-inch display when unfolded, and 5-inch when folded.

Two major things that a foldable device does that your regular smartphone or tab doesn't is the ability to run like three apps at the same time, and also the ability to easily convert it from your regular sized smartphone into a tablet.

While Samsung's foldable device will be sold for over $1600, the price for the Huawei foldable device is not yet known. The tech company plans to launch the foldable device in the first quarter of 2019 in South Korea for testing because the country will have 5G running before the end of Q1 2019.

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