Simple Steps To Install Windows 10 On Your Android Phone Or Tablet In 2022

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We do discuss much about on Techfoe because it is a mobile operating system that is very wide and doesn't limit your reach when you want to explore. That is one of the things that makes it to be the most popular operating system in the world.

Have you ever given it a thought to install Microsoft's Windows operating system on your Android device? i'm not talking about Microsoft windows Mobile but Microsoft Windows for PC. That is, any of Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.

The simple answer is yes. You can actually install any of those Windows operating system on Droid device! So in todays post, i will show you how to install any of the Microsoft Windows operating system on your Android device and revert back to android OS in case you just want it for experimental purpose.

Ensure to read the below requirements and get the required tools to Windows OS your Android device. By the way, the steps are simple to follow and doesn't need you to be a guru for it to work.


1. Any Android device or tablet running Android 4.4 and above

2. PC or Laptop running Windows

3. Change My Software application (link for it is provided below)

4. A USB cable

5. A High speed Internet connection is important

Procedures To Install Windows On Android:

1. From your Android device, go to Settings

2. Click on the Developer Options. However, if you can't find the Developer Options in your phones settings it means that you haven't enable it. To enable it, still within your phone settings, go to About Phone and click on it, now locate Build Number and then keep clicking on it until it shows a pop-up telling you that You are now a developer.

3. Now return back to your settings and then locate the Developer Options. Click on it and then scroll down and click on USB debugging.

4. From your PC, download Change my Software and then install.

5. Connect your Android device to your PC via USB and then launch the Change my Software on your computer.

6. Select the option Android > Windows (8/8.1/7/XP) to install the Windows on your Android device (Based on the type of Window that you want, select Change my Software option and then chose the version of Windows that you want)

7. If your device is properly working, click on the tab to continue.

8. Select your language. When you select your language, the Windows drivers will automatically start.

9. When the download is complete, click on Install.

10. Now, if you do not want to dual-boot (Windows and Android) you can choose to Remove Android which means you will only have the Windows OS on your Android device. However, if you want to dual-boot, just ignore the Remove Android option.

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11. By now the Windows installation process should have began. Wait for the installation process to complete. Do not interrupted it!!

12. When all the features and files have been installed, your Android device will reboot automatically

 Now you will have the option to boot either Windows or Android OS whenever you start up your Android device.

However, in case you want to revert back to only your Android OS, simple follow the below procedures.

Procedures To Restore You Android Back To Its Former Self:

1. Reconnect your Android device or tablet to your PC via USB.

2. Launch the Change My Software app, select Restore to original condition. 

 Once the above is done, your old Android will be restored back.

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  1. So you don't have to be rooted?

  2. I tried with my Xiomi Redmi note5 mobile, it didnot work.
    shows a message "sorry your system may be protected by the manufacturer"
    How to solve this issue?

  3. After you have installed Win10 on your tablet, will it really work as it would in a laptop?

  4. Hard working I appreciated your blog..

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