How To Make Free Local And International Calls In 2022

Pappi Hex

  Have you ever ran out of call credit and you were left without any means of call communication? Yeah, I have been in such situation if not i wouldn't be writing this post. 

 Today I would be teaching you guys on how to make both local and international calls for free. This method of making call comes into place when we run out of call credit or when we want to keep our real number hidden from the recipient of the call. We can can also use this method to prank our friends, family members etc. Read the Pros and Cons of this free calling post.

1. No registration needed
2. No credit card needed
3. You are assigned an international number when making calls
4. No need to download any app
5. Its web based 
6. Local or International, location doesn't matter 
7. Calls work on both mobile phones and landlines etc

1. There's a daily limit to calls on free plan
2. A strong internet connection is recommend 

Below are a few sites that i selected, i know that they are so many sites that offer similar services for free but i prefer theses.

1. Click here to visit ievaphone

3. Simplecall: Click here to visit simplecall
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