UK Startup Creates Dating App For Cows And Bulls Searching For Moo Love

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A UK farming startup has created an app that help farmers find a breeding partner for cows and bulls searching for "moo love."

The Tinder like app which is called Tudder, let users to find breeding match by viewing pictures of cattle, age, location and the owner.

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When the swipe right, which is an indication that they are interested in the match, the app will then let out a mooing sound. However, the app won't let out any sound if the user swipes left to show rejection in the match.

"Tudder is a new swipe-led matchmaking app, helping farm animals across the UK find breeding partners in the quest for moo love," the app description read on Apple app store.

According to Hectare, designer of the app, the app "seeks to unite sheepish farm animals with their soulmates." Selling animals using social media can speed up a process that often involves transporting animals long distance for breeding.

Farmers can choose profile description in the app which ranges from "nice big strong sorts make nice suckler cows" to "quiet well grown young bull ready." Also, farmers can decide to restrict other online information on the animal ..... information like whether the animal is organic, pedigree or on a farm where tuberculosis has been detected.

Whenever a farmer or user swipes right on an image of a particular cow, they are directed to Hectare's livestock buying website. Now on this website, information on the animal's health, character and others are made available.

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