Facebook Rolls Out Dark Mode To Messenger, Here's How To Enable It

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After testing the dark mode feature in a few selected countries, social network giant Facebook has finally rolled out the much demanded feature to all Android Messenger users.

Though this feature has been rolled out, users who want the feature will have to activate it themselves by sending a moon emoji to another Messenger user

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To activate the dark mode feature, the user is to send a 🌙 crescent emoji to another Messenger. The user can even use the emoji on his/her keyboard (if the keyboard has emoji). When the user does that, some crescents will appear on the screen and the user will have to double tap on any of it.

Once the user double taps on it, a prompt will appear asking the user if he/she wants to activate dark mode. The user will click on it, and then be taken to another section to activate it.

The above works for most people. However, some users will have to restart the Messenger app and enable it from the settings.

The app also warns that dark mode is still a work in progress and isn't universal yet.

Facebook has been working hard to keep users just within her ecosystem. The social network has been rolling out updates that improves WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger and Instagram in its bid to merge all four and keep users within.

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