Finally! This App Brings Apple's iMessage To Android Users For Free!

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Apple's instant messaging service, iMessage is one of the most popular messaging service today. The service offers easy messaging between those who own iPhones, iPads and Mac computers, and has grown over the years to become one of the key holding the ecosystem.

In fact, so strong have Apple users become attached to iMessage that those who switched over to Android had to return back because they couldn't do without the iMessage service. Just as it was back then with BlackBerry phone users and BBM.

For years, Android users have been hoping that Apple will eventually release an iMessage app for Android as BlackBerry eventually did. However, that won't happen because Apple knows the importance of the service which is what been retaining iOS from porting to Android.

App developers on their own too have been looking for ways to bring the service to Android but have failed miserably. seems theres a new way to bring the highly acclaimed service to your Android device. Ermm... sort of.

AirMessage is an Android app that allows users to reconnect with their iMessage friends by bringing the service over to Android. Send and receive messages, images, videos, audio messages, view when your messages are read, and enjoy certain iMessage effects.

According to BGR, "AirMesage is a two part-solution that brings all of Apple's core iMessage features to Android. It's a two-part solution where one part is a server app that runs on your Mac computer, and the second part is the android app that brings iMessage to your Android smartphone."

To get started with the iMessage setup on your Android device, you will need the AirMessage app which can be downloaded here for free. Secondly, you will need a Mac computer. Wait, why that look on your face? You should own a Mac computer if really you are an Apple die hard fan!

So back to what i was saying. The developers of AirMessage explained the need for you to have a Mac computer system for the service to be able to work perfectly.

"AirMessage leverages the power for your Mac computer in order to route messages to and from Apple's iMessage servers," AirMessage developers said on Reddit. "Yes, a Mac computer is required. Install the server, set up your computer, and enjoy iMessage on your Android."

Th steps to get this process running isn't that cumbersome. First, you will have to install the server app on your Mac, then you will have to set up port forwarding on your router. Once you are done with that, just install the app on your Android phone and boom! your iMessage set up is complete.

However, you must keep your Mac computer running (active) all the time for the service to work.

Here's a detailed installation guide on how to run the whole process.

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