Telegram 5.5 Updates Brings Unlimited Message Unsend For Private Chats, Anonymous Forwarding, etc

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Telegram has released the v.5.5 for mobile and v1.6.2 for desktop, bringing new features that gives its users control over how they use the messaging service.

The privacy focused messaging service has added new features such as the unlimited unsend, emoji suggestions when typing, new privacy settings for messages forwarding and profile pictures, etc. Lets just take a look at the changelog for the new update on the Play Store.

Telegram v.5.5 changelog;
  • Delete any message on both ends in any private chat, anytime.
  • New privacy settings for message forwarding and profile pictures.
  • Redesigned suggestions for the first word you type in a message.
  • Streaming support for GIFs and video messages
  • Search in Settings
  • TalkBack support
  • Improved call quality
The unlimited unsend is a feature that allows you to take back any message that you've send or those that you'e received, or even even wipe out the whole chat with just a couple of taps. This feature is exclusive to private chats and has no time limit.

Another feature added to the update is message forwarding. This allows you to ross-quote what somebody said in another or channel into a different one. There's an option for you to make it so that forwards don't link back to your account. That is, others will see an unclickable name as people you chat with will have no verifiable proof that you ever sent them anything.

Other added features includes improved call quality, a better emoji and GIF panel, suggestions for emojis when typing, TalkBack support - an accessibility option that allows you to navigate the app without seeing the screen.

Click here to download the Telegram update from the Play Store.

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