ZTE Foldable Phone Patents Takes On Motorola RAZR

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Early this year, there were several reports that Motorola planned to bring back the RAZR this year but as a foldable smartphone. Motorola later confirmed the rumours to be true during an interview with Engadget (we will make the post for Moto's RAZR foldable phone shortly after this post goes live).

According to patents filed by Motorola, the RAZR foldable device will not feature a full sized screen as seen on Huawei's Mate X and Samsung's Galaxy Fold. Instead, the patent illustrates the devices folding mechanism as horizontal, as was seen on the Motorola RAZR flip phone.

Well, the Motorola RAZR foldable device which is still in the works and isn't even out yet is already facing a direct competition from Chinese tech company ZTE.

ZTE is working on a foldable device that folds vertical, similar to the RAZR that Motorola is working on, though slightly different in design.

Patents for the device describes an all-screen design that boasts almost bezel. The top half of the ZTE foldable device is shorter than the other half below so that when the device is folded vertically, a small of the below screen will be left visible for the user to check notifications, time, weather, and also receive calls.

The device has a dual-camera setup and an LED flash at the bottom half, while the top half also have two cameras too. From the design, the two cameras located at the top fold can be used (presumably) to take selfies whenever the device has been folded.

Other specs of the foldable device includes a USB Type-C port, a bottom speaker and a 3.5mm headphone jack seems to be missing!

For now, this is all we know about the ZTE device. However, do not take this with a pinch of salt because ZTE has patents that hasn't seen daylight.

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