Huawei Launches The Foldable Mate X, Cost Almost 4 Times The iPhone XR

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The one of the hottest tech topics that has been trending this year is phones with foldable display. We know companies such as Samsung and Huawei that have had their foldable phone in the works for some time now.

However, the trend got strong this year and we have seen the likes of Energizer, TLC, Xiaomi, Motorola, Oppo, LG, Apple and others who also have a foldable phone in the works.

Last week, Samsung launched its foldable phone called the Galaxy Fold and Huawei too has't wasted much time in launching its own foldable device called the Huawei Mate X, and we will be expecting more flexible phones launches as in the MWC 2019. For now, lets look at how the Huawei Mate X looks, and what it has to offer.

The Huawei Mate X folds outwards, opposite to Samsung's Galaxy Fold that folds inwards. The display of the device wraps around the outer sides of the phone when it is folded. When it is unfolded, the thickness of the device is 5.4 mm, while the thick bulge located at the right end of the device is 11 mm in thickness.

The thick bulge serves like a grip, providing more thickness so as to fit in the user's hands properly. The bulge also serve as the meeting point where the other end of the folding screen meets.

Now, apart from the opposite direction that the Mate X folds when compared to the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the two Mate X screens are active even when the user folds it.

Depending on the want of the user, theres the other half of the screen that folds backwards and meets with the bulge. This display shrinks to 6.38-inches diagonally while the other half of the screen that is at the front is 6.6-inch. The user can spin both sides around to use either side of the screens while its still folded.

When unfolded, the two sides of the screen becomes one... measuring 8-inch, 2480 x 2200 AMOLED display.

The Mate X  is powered by Kirin 980, the same chip that powers the Mate 20 Pro, offering up to 2.6 GHz of speed. There's a triple Leica camera at the back of the device.. erm, the bulge actually houses the cameras. Just as it is on the Mate 20 Pro, there's one telephoto lens, one wide-angle, and one ultra-wide.

Huawei made the Mate X in a way that the triple cameras at the back of the device will also serve for shooting selfie. To take a selfie with the Mate X, the user will have to fold the device, and the cameras which are situated in the bulge will now face the user and be perfect for selfie.
For the battery capacity, the Mate X is powered by two batteries that housed in the two halves of the foldable device. Together, the halves provides the device 4,500mAh of battery power. Coupled with Huawei's efficient power management technology, this battery should be able to keep the device running for an ample amount of time, despite its screen size.

Another feature on the device si the presence of Huawei's 55 W fast charge. And, yes, we can't round up this post without mentioning that the device is 5G capable. Huawei's boasted top speed allows you to download 1 GB  of data file in just three seconds.

The Huawei Mate X device will be sold for $2,600, which is $620 more expensive that Samsung's Galaxy Fold which cost $1,980. Camparing the price with Apple's iPhone XR which is sold for $749, th Mate X is almost 4 times the price.

The Mate X should be available for consumers towards the half of 2019.

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