TCL Is Working on a Foldable Smartphone That Bends Into a Smartwatch And 4 Others Foldable Phones

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The foldable phone trend is still on. While we wait for mobile tech companies such as Samsung, Huawei, Energizer, Xiaomi and other smartphone manufacturers to reveal their foldable gadget at the Mobile World Congress (MWC), more tech companies are joining the band. TCL is the latest company to join the trend.

TCL, a Chinese company best known for budget TVs and phones through Blackberry and Alcatel brands, apart from its own brand.

According to CNET, patents images and renderings shows obtained shows the company to be working on five devices with  foldable displays. These includes two smartphones, two tablets, and a flexible phone that can bend into a smartwatch.

Two of the phones bend at the middle like a traditional flip phone; one bends inward while the other bends outward. The second set of two foldable phones bends vertically in the middle: one folds inside like a clam shell while the other folds outside.

 However, the last foldable device doesn't fold like the others, instead the device can be curved into a cuff around the owners wrist to serve as a wrist watch. This device takes a different dimension from most of the design tech companies are using to build their foldable gadgets.

A TCL executive told CNET last month that the company would release its first foldable device next year. However, the images are preliminary and TCL could could its plans.

Phone users are holding onto their old phones as the new ones has little to offer to encourage users to upgrade. However, device makers are banking big on foldable smartphones to people excited all over again.

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