This Is The Concept Of What Apple's Foldable iPhone & iPad Might Look Like

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Source: LetsGoDigital
Phone shipments and sales have declined worldwide. One major reason for this is because consumers are sticking to their old gadget and won't upgrade to those pricey new ones that has just little features and tweaks added to it.

With this, smartphone makers are banking hard on the new trend which is phones with foldable display to re-awaken sales.

Samsung as we know has had a foldable display gadget ready for sometime now, though the company kept it in door and worked on its perfection. The likes of Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, TLC, Motorola, LG, Oppo, Energizer and others are set to announce their foldable device this year. The latest company to join the trend is Apple.

Apple's patent published on the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website recently titled "Flexible Display Devices", suggests that the Cupertino company has a foldable device in the make.

Some of the designs in the patent shows a foldable iPhone that is in development, however, folk at LetsGoDigital has used those sketches depicted in the patent to create some renders on how the foldable iPhone might look like.

From the patent documentation, the images suggest Apple might make an iPhone that folds inwards and as well as outwards. Another shows foldable devices with two or three displays, and as well as two or three hinges that lets the user fold the handset.

The renders of the Apple's foldable device are what LetsGoDigital can provide for now, given Apple's practice of keeping information, designs and specs of her product secret until launch day.

However, LetsGoDigital suspects that Apple will release a 5G smartphone first before a foldable iPhone or iPad.

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