Google Has Made It Easy For You To Find 'Work From Home' Jobs

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Google has made it easier for people to find 'work from home' jobs. The Internet search giant has added tools that will help both remote employers and employees find each other, thereby alleviating the cumbersome process of users having to search different job portals which can't be easily accessed.

"To help employers and recruitment platforms connect with candidates who need more flexibility, today we are announcing an improved job search experience that allows our customers to make remote work opportunities in the US more discoverable on their career sites.

"This functionality supports users who search for jobs with terms like 'work from home' or 'WFH' and returns the relevant jobs that may be labeled differently as 'remote' or 'telecommute'," Jennifer Su, Cloud Product Manager, Google, said in a blog post.

According to Career blog FlexMyFinances, Google has also added a filter in search that bases the search solely on job title and description and not by location. However, not all jobs that can be done remotely. So Google has a new markup for employers and recruiters to enable them to add any location restrictions to a role or position

The Internet giant also said that it has enhanced its job search capabilities in more than 100 languages, and as well, is partnering with a wide range of job sites such as Working Nomads, Work Remotely, ZipRecruiter to populate job listings in Search.

"We're working with a wide range of job listing sites, including Working Nomads, We Work Remotely and ZipRecruiter, and the number of remote jobs you can find via Google is growing by the day as providers from across the web implement this web markup," Nick Zakrasek, Senior Product Manager, Google Search, said.

Employers, recruiters, or other job boards can use Google's Cloud Solution to access the listings.

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