Canada's Most Wanted Fugitive Caught After He Went On Facebook To Taunt The Cops

Pappi Hex

A Canadian fugitive on the country's most wanted listed has been busted by the cops after he went on Facebook to announce where he lived to a TV station publishing his case.

Jessie Dean Kowalchuk, 27, was declared wanted in Westermost British Columbia for violating his probation related to three separate crimes committed in 2015.

Kowalchuk saw his photo on CF JC TV station's website about him, he then sent a Facebook message to taunt the news show's producers, saying that he was in the capital of neighbouring Alberta province.

"New flash morons I'm in Edmonton and not coming back," the station quoted Alberta to have written to them.

When he sent the message, the station quickly notified the police of his apparent location, who then went and  arrested him in Edmonton. A place he is said to have lived for three years.

"We're just really pleased that he sent the message advising where he was living in Alberta and that we were able to extend the warrants to Alberta so that we could bring him back here to face charges," Federal Police Corporal Jodi Shelkie told CBC.

"You've got to face up to your actions at some point and you know it doesn't matter where you go -- sooner or later, the police are going to find you," She said.

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