Hacker Group Hack Another Hacking Forum & Dumped Entire Database In Rival Hacking Forum

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A group of hackers known for several hacking activities have been given a taste of their own medicine by another group of hackers after they failed to deploy security mechanism to secure their data.

Infamous OGUSERS[.]com is a popular hacking forum among people involved in hijacking online accounts of users on Instagram, Twitter, and even Steam, PlayStation network and other online accounts. The forum is also frequented by hackers who uses SIM swapping techniques to hack people's number so as to access their device and then sell valuable private information to the highest bidder.

However, in turn of events, the infamous OGusers forum was hacked by another group of hackers who stole the data and dumped it in another rival hacking forum called Raidforums, exposing the email addresses, hashed passwords, IP addresses and private messages of nearly 113,000 forum users.

During the breach, the hackers erased several months of forum posts, prestige points, private messages, and then destroyed a backup from January 2019. At the time of the hack, the administrator of OGuser explained to the forum users that a hard drive failure was responsible for the outage.

While on the other side, Omnipotent, the administrator of Raidforums and mastermind behind the attack proudly dumped the database on his forum for everyone to download for free

 "On 12th of May 2019 the forum ogusers.com was breached (and) 112,988 users were affected ," the message from Omnipotent read. "I have uploaded the data from this database breach along with their website source files. Their hashing algorithm was the default salted MD5 which surprised me, anyway the website owner has acknowledged data corruption but not a breach so i guess I'm the first to tell you the truth. According to his statement he didn't have any recent backups so i guess I will provide one on this thread Lmfao."

The administrator of OGusers, Ace, later said that a breach was responsible for the sudden disappearance of their data.

"It appears someone was able to breach the server through a custom plugin in the forum software and get access to an old backup dating December 26, 2018," the administrator of OGusers said in a post on the forum.

Now that the whole database and users details have been dumped online for free, many OGusers have left the forum due to fear that security operatives might come after them since the forum was famously known for illicit activities.

Some complained that they were already receiving phising emails targeting their OGuser accounts and email addresses.

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