Indian Boy Dies Of Heart Attack After Playing PUBG For More Than 6 Hours

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A 16-year-old Indian boy has died of cardiac arrest while playing battle royale game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) for six hours at a stretch.

The boy whose name is Furkan Qureshi, a class 12 student, left for a marriage ceremony with his family at a place called Neemuch.

 During their time there, the boy, who according to his father, is addicted to the game played it from Sunday evening to the early hours of Monday.

"He was a very active lad," the father of the boy Haroon Rasheed Qureshi said. "My son was engrossed in PUBG game that he played it from Sunday evening to early hours of Monday."

play didn't just stop there. Qureshi then embark on a 6-hour long marathon game play.

"He slept for a few hours and after getting up had his breakfast and then played the game for six hours at a stretch," Haroon Qureshi added

During the game play, the Furkan's father said "Furkan shouted 'blast it, blast it' after his character in the game lost a battle" and not too long become unresponsive.

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The teenager was then immediately rushed to the hospital but couldn't be resuscitated.

"I examined him at my nursing home," cardiologist Ashok Jain said. "He was unresponsive. His heartbeat had stopped. I tried my best but he was brought dead."

In response to the death of Furkan Qureshi, cardiologist Vipul Garg advised that "children should be kept away from such mobile games."

Garg explained that children get nowadays get so much mentally involved in playing battle games on mobile phones that their emotions run high due to the thrill and excitement, which often leads to heart failure.

The police says that they won't be probing the boys death since there wasn't a formal complain of the incident.

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PUBG has been banned in several India cities in Gujarat on grounds that it leads to violent behaviour among youth and children, and also been blamed for student poor performances in school.

Last month, Nepal also placed a ban on the battle royale game which it said was addictive, distracting children from school and as well leads to violent behaviour among children.

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