US Ban: Huawei Creates Own OS To Challenge Google's Android & Microsoft Windows OS

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Some days ago, we reported that Alphabet's Google had suspended business with Huawei following a US government ban on the Chinese giant. The suspension mean't that there wasn't going to be any transfer of hardware, software and technical services from Google to Huawei.

On the software aspect, Google isn't going to have anything to do with Huawei on its own version of Android, thereby banning the Chinese giant from using its own version of Android and benefits that comes with it such as the Google Play Store and other Google apps. Huawei is now left to use the open-source Android.

Aside Google, other US manufacturers too are to comply with the new directives. Bloomberg reported that chip makers Qualcomm Inc, Broadcom Inc, Intel Inc, Xilinx Inc, all told their employees that they will not supply critical software and compoents Huawei until further notice.

To temporary ease the situation, the Department of Commerce has now granted U.S tech companies a 90-day extension to continue working with Huawei. However, Huawei is uncertain about the future, and is even preparing for a future without Google. In fact, Huawei has developed a proprietary OS which is ready for deployment if things goes wrong.

In an interview with German publication Die Welt (via SCMP), Huawei's Mobile Chief Richard Yu Chengdong said that the Chinese tech giant has developed its own operating system for smartphones and computers, and will be used on its devices in the events that technologies provided by the US aren't made available.

"We have prepared our own operating system, if it turns out we can no longer use these systems, we will be ready and have our plan B," Yu said in the interview.

Huawei is said to have started working on its own operating systems shortly after a 2012 US investigation into Huawei and ZTE which accused them of stealing trade secrets and violation of economic sanctions. 

According to a report by Chinese publication Caijing, Richard Yu has revealed that Huawei's OS will be available later this Fall or early nest year on phones, Computers, Tablets, TVs, Cars, Wearables, and other products. The OS is said to work with Android and web apps. In fact, an Android app recompiled for the Huawei's OS is said to perform 60% faster.

While Huawei has made provision for plan B in the events that things goes wrong, the Chinese tech manufacturer hopes to stick with Android and Microsoft and "don't want to use" its own operating system.

"Huawei does have backup systems but only for use in extenuating circumstances. We don't expect to use them, and to be honest, we don't want to use them," a Huawei spokesperson said. "We fully support our partners's operating systems - we love using them and our customers love using them. Android and Windows will always remain our first choice,"

Last year, US placed a ban on Chinese tech equipment maker ZTE from using America products and services since the Shenzhen-based company relies on key technologies by US tech vendors. The ban forced the company's shares to fall, crippling ZTE's operation for some months which almost sent it out of business.

The US government later reversed the ban, but now has full access in monitoring the Chinese firm.

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