Watch As This Beluga Whale Rescued A Drowning Phone And Then Returned It To The Owner

Pappi Hex

That feeling you get when your smartphone falls into the ocean and you  instantly know that your phone gone for life. All your photos, videos, documents, and other stuff in the device are gone (if they weren't backed up!). But then out of nowhere, a beluga whale swoops up with a grin, holding your phone in its hands! You will definitely feel like the luckiest person in the world at that moment.

Yup! the above is no imaginary thought. It actually happened and it was caught on video.

The video clip was posted by Instagram user Isa Opdahl with the caption "when animal are kinder than humans".

In the video, a beluga can be seen returning an iPhone that fell into the sea. The grinning beluga swims up gently towards the boat where the phone fell form and then frees it as those on the boat reaches out to retrieve. In return, the whale gets a few tap on the chin before swimming off.

The video which was posted on Sunday immediately spark several reaction across the web. Since it was filmed in Hammerfest, Norway, there are several speculation that the creature must have escaped from a Russian military facility while undergoing "spy" training.

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