Apple App Developers Earn ‘64% More’ Money Than Top Android App Developers

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Android and iOS are the worlds most popular mobile operating system. Both OS are very good, though one of the operating systems limit its users in some way to bolster security, while the other grant its users freedom which in turn places them at risk.

While Android and iOS users will never agree with one another that the other OS is better than theirs, both OS users will agree that there is a major difference in the amount of money earned by developers of the application running on the two mobile operating systems.

Right from time, iOS developers had always (most of the time) earn more money than their Android counterparts, and its still no different today.

According to a new statistic report published by analyst firm Sensor Tower, the top developers on Apple's Store earn about 64% more in revenue than the highest-earning Android app makers.

The analysts firm tracked the top 100 developers on each platform during the first quarter of 2019, and found that developers on both platform earned a combined average of $130.4 million. iOS developers earned a combined revenue around $83 million while those Android earned $51 million.

"The top 100 earning app publishers across Apple's App Store and Google Play generated a combined average of $130.4 million in consumer spending globally during the first quarter of 2019, Sensor Tower store intelligence estimates reveal," the report read. "The App Store top publishers saw average gross income of $83.8 million, which was 64 percent more than the average of $51 million spend across Google Play's 100 highest-earning app makers."

If we refer to the above Q1 earnings data in 2014 from the top 100 publishers on the App Store and Google Play Store, you will see that iOS developers earned $21 million while Android users earned about $13 million

The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) difference of both apps in that period wasn't much.

When we look at mobile games, the difference becomes 48%. The report showed that iOS developers earned about $70 million while Android developers earned $48 million in Q1 2019.

"An average of $114.5 million was spent between the combined top games publishers on both stores last quarter...the topmost App Store games publishers by revenue last quarter grossed an average of $70.3 million, 48 percent more than the $48 million seen on Google Play," the report said.

The Q1 2019 stats for non-game apps for Android performs very poor when compared to iOS. The analysis showed that Apple developers made $23 million while developers on Android made only $7 million......which is a huge difference of 232%!

"Consumers spent an average of $23.3 million in apps from the Apps Store's top non-gaming publishers last quarter, compared to $7 million on Google Play. This represented a 232 percent difference, with the top non-gaming publishers on Apple's platform earning 3.3 times as much as their Google Play counterparts on average," the report said.

Google's Android OS has by far more people using the operating system when compared to Apple's iOS. Google's Play Store has more apps and as well, gets more download than Apple's App Store. However, the reverse is the case when it comes to making in-app purchase.

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