Huawei Will Refund 100% Cash To Users If They Can't Use WhatsApp, Facbook, Play Store & Other Google Apps

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The US placed a ban on Huawei, restricting it from buying US technologies or dealing with US tech firms. Following the ban, Huawei has seen a drop in sales, has lost major deals with carriers in the UK and some part of the globe.

The company two days announced that it might loose $30 billion over the course of 2 years due to the US ban.

To save itself from sinking, Huawei is adopting different strategies that will convince buyers and keep the sales growth steady.

According to Huawei Central, Huawei has promised to give back full refund to users if they aren't able to use app like WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Play Store, Gmail, YouTube, and other Google apps on their device. This offer is for residents of the Philippines.

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Local media news reporting site Revu, says that over 30 partner retailers and dealers are part of the refund program.

Huawei also confirmed the legitimacy of it he refund program, saying that "it is an initiative of our distributor with our dealers."

To be eligible for the refund program, the Huawei device in which you bought must not be 2 years old.

Huawei had to address the issue by assuring users of full refund, since buyers are skeptical to buy Huawei products since the US ban will block Huawei's access to popular Android apps, Google apps and services.

This move by the company will help bolster sales, and it will be interesting to see if the company rolls out this initiative to other countries.

In China, Huawei is performing very well and isn't affected by the US ban on its  products.

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