Confirmed! WhatsApp Will Allow Users To Use One Account On Different Devices

After years of clamour from users, popular Messenger app WhatsApp will finally bring a multi-platform system that enable users to activate one account on a lot of devices. A feature that has been on rival messenger app Telegram since 2013.

The Facebook owned Messenger was recently rumoured to bring the feature until now that it has been confirmed by WhatsApp features tracker website WABetaInfo.

"It's no longer a rumor, It's confirmed. You will be able to use your WhatsApp account on a  lot of devices," WABetaInfo said on Twitter.

The tracker website noted that the new feature will work on WhatsApp for Windows (UMP), iPhone, Android and the iPadOS.

"It includes WhatsApp for Windows (UWP, when available), so you can use WhatsApp on your PC if your phone has no connection. iPhone/Android and iPadOS included," the tweet added.

WABetaInfo, however, didn't say anything like when the feature will be launched nor did it post screenshots to support the claim. However, with clean records of its past leaks, i can strongly say this leak holds water. 

The multi-platform feature will allow WhatsApp users to use their WhatsApp account on more than one device without being kicked out of the main account. That is, (when the feature rolls out) a WhatsApp user will be able to use one WhatsApp account on his iPad and Android device at the same time without the need to uninstall one of them.

The same applies to WhatsApp users on Windows phone and PC. WhatsApp on PC will make use of the UWP app and won't need WhatsApp installed on the phone to have Internet connection.


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