Google Getting Close To Replace Android With Fuchsia OS, Launches

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Google is getting close to replace the world most popular operating system with the up coming Fuchsia OS.

The operating system will run smoothly on different kind of devices, not minding the screen size, and will as well deliver faster updates, better privacy features and also support Android and Fuchsia apps.

Google recently confirmed the existence of the Fuchsia OS at this years I/O after months of rumours about the operating system. Now, the Internet giant has taken a step further to show that its quite serious about replacing the Android OS.

The Alphabet owned company last week quietly launched, the official Fuchsia OS developer website with lots of official documentation that will help developers familiarize themselves with the upcoming OS.

Shortly after I/O, Google launched a site which went up only briefly  as there wasn't any real content on it at that time. The site is now live with a new design and lot of documentation.

First spotted on Reddit (via 9to5Google), the site has all documentation from the Fuchsia source code's docs folder, documentation specific to the Zircon Kernal kernel, and reference information about things accessible via FIDL to aid developers in getting to know the up coming operating system.

Though Google made all the information available, developers won't be able to put any of them to use because the dev version of Fuchsia OS can't be installed on any device. Thus, apps can't be developed for it. Wait! some developers made some apps could work on Fuchsia devices with the help of Goolge's Flutter toolkit.

Its understandable that Google made the Fuchsia documents available so that developers will get acquainted with everything. However, we are wondering why Google didn't just release the document the first time that went live after I/O 2019? or maybe the Internet has a new plan to roll the new OS sooner than the time it planned.

Google will roll out Android Q update next month and we know for sure that Android will be around for a while before Fuchsia takes over. Those eager for the big announcement will have to wait a bit long.

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