Huawei Files To Trademark Another Operating System Called 'Harmony'

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Chinese tech giant Huawei has filed a trademark application with the EU Intellectual Property Office for a new operating system called Harmony for mobile and computer use, LetsGoDigital reports.

The application which is under examination is dated July 12, 2019 shows that Huawei is really serious on creating a plan B even as issues with the US government trade blacklist seems to be easing slowing.

Right now, the Harmony name which Huawei has filed for trademark now joins the likes of Ark as the moniker the company might use on the global market for its in-house operating system.

The confusing part here was that people initially thought that the Hongmeng OS was Huawei's replacement to the Android Mobile operating system. However, Huawei's chairman Liang Hua cleared the misconception when he maintained that Android was Huawei's first choice and that HongMeng OS was for IoT and wasn't an Android replacement.

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"In terms of smartphones, we are still using Android operating system and ecosystem as a 'first choice'," news portal quoted Liang Hua to have said.

"We haven't decided yet if the HongMeng OS can be developed as a smartphone operating system in the future," he added.

While HongMeng has already been trademarked in several countries across Europe and South America, Huawei's has said before that its mobile OS (which we are still confused which of trademark OS is it) will be ready for consumers as early as this fall.

In fact, the Chinese tech giant is said to have shipped about 1 million devices with its new OS which is said to be 60% faster than Android current version.

Though tension between the US and China has eased as the US president Donald Trump has made it known that his government will lift the ban on Huawei, the China tech giant still has until next month before the ban fully takes effect.

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