Redmi To Soon Launch A Smartphone With 64MP Camera

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Sometime in April, Samsung announced a camera sensor that was capable of taking pictures of up to 64 megapixels. while, seems like Xiaomi already has a device with the 64MP sensor in it.

Redmi which is the subsidiary of Xiaomi posted a sample of a gray cat on its Weibo account with an inset crop showing the finer hairs abutting the feline'e right eye. Xiaomi president Lu Weibing also posted a viewfinder screenshot on his Weibo account.

"Redmi's first 64 million pixel sample. Every detail is complete. The mobile phone officially entered the 64 million pixel era!", the Xiaomi subsidiary said.

Though the image didn't specify if it used the Samsung 64MP sensor or not, the image will likely default to a 16MP shooting mode. The sensor in the upcoming Redmi employs Tracell binding technology to push out 16MP photos in a low light environment.

However, though there will likely be a 64MP toggle to use all the pixels, it will only do well in good lightening because it does not provide such extra detail as the binned version.

An improved autofocus and full HD videos at 480 fps is expected when its launched.

For now, there isn't much that has been revealed about the phone, though, as a Redmi product, we expect it to be affordable.... be around the $300 region or less.

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