Microsoft Launches An Android Foldable Smartphone Called Surface Duo

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Microsoft, at its Surface event launched the Surface Neo, Surface Laptop 3, the Surface Pro 7, the Surface Pro X, and a new foldable device called Surface Duo. Oh, and Yes, this device doesn't run on Microsoft's new Window 10X OS but on Android operating system.

With Windows Mobile completely killed, fans have been demanding for a Surface phone from the PC maker. Well, here we have one. Though, not exactly what most people want.

The Surface Duo comes with a dual 5.6-inch screen that unfolds to an 8.3-inch tablet. The 360° hinge allow the user to use the device in a variety of modes based on the task the user wants to carry out. . The device comes with the Google Play Store, runs Microsoft Launcher, and will also come with all of Microsoft's apps on the Google Play Store

"Surface Duo is the first Surface to fit in your pocket," Microsoft said. "Surface Duo brings together the best of Microsoft productivity experiences, Android apps and Surface hardware design into a single device you can take anywhere. And, yes, it makes phone calls. It has two paper-thin 5.6-inch screens that unfolds to 8.3 inches, and just like Surface Neo, it can be used in a variety of modes to let you know you work the way you'd like."

Other than the above, Microsoft didn't reveal much about the new device, though there are suggestions that the device will come with a Snapdragon 855 processor.

At the moment, the release of this device is scheduled to go on sale during the 2020 holiday season. That is between November and December 2020.

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