Senator Proposes New Privacy Bill To Jail Mark Zuckerberg

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Oregon senator Ron Wyden has revealed a new privacy legislation bill that will bring accountability to corporations that doesn't protect user's private data. 

According to Vice, the bill which is dubbed as "Mind Your Own Business Act" authorize the FTC to impose fines of up to 4% of annual revenues on companies that fail to protect users private data. Also, the bill proposed a 10-20 year prison sentence for companies whose senior executives knowingly lie to the FTC. 

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"Mark Zuckerberg won't take Americans' privacy seriously unless he feels personal consequences," Wyden said. "A slap on the wrist from the FTC won't do the job, so under my bill he'd face jail time for lying to the government."

The Wyden bill also mandate corporations to give consumers the ability to opt out of data collection and the sale of their private data with a single click. It also demands corporations to reveal how users data is collected, used, sold and who its been sold to it.

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"I spend the past year listening to experts and strengthening the protections in my bill," Wyden said in a statement provided to Motherboard.

"It is based on three basics ideas: Consumers must be able to control their own private information, companies must provide vastly more transparency about how they use and share our data; and corporate executives need to be held personally responsible when they lie about protecting our personal information," Wyden added.

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