WhatsApp Introduce Dark Mode Preview Widget For Android Beta

Dark mode is one of the tech trends of 2019. In fact, the demand for dark mode has grown so strong that Android and iOS had to implement it in their latest OS updates.

There are several reasons why the demand for dark mode have grown, not does it only saves battery, dark mode also makes it easy for phone users to use their phone under the dark without straining their eyes.

Popular apps like Twitter, Messenger, Instagram, Telegram, bunch of Google apps and others have all made available the dark theme feature on their apps. Most of the popular apps on the Google Play Store and App Store either have the dark theme or are working on implementing it. One example is WhatsApp.

According to screenshots shown on WindowsUnited, WhatsApp has introduced the dark theme into its preview widget ahead of its full release.

The preview allow users to preview new messages in full night blue dark mode, though still elusive. 


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