Forget 5G, China Is Already Working On 6G Technology

Pappi Hex

5G network is new, and deployment is yet to reach most part of the world. The only countries with wide 5G deployment are just China and Korean, while the UK and US both have limited deployment.

With the world barely using the latest generation of wireless connectivity, China has already jumped into the research and development of 6G technology.

According to Chinese media, China's science and technology minister yesterday announced that it has set up two teams to start the development of 6G technology.

The first team consists of government departments who will be in charge of pushing through the execution of the 6G project, while the second team consists of 37 universities, research institutes and enterprises, which will lay out the technical side of 6G and as well offer advice.

"In this critical period of national development, we must attach great importance to the 6G development, coordinate its planning, promote it with efficiency, and open up for innovation in this area," Vice Minister Wang Xi of the ministry of Science and technology said.

While we don't know what 6G will be like, we know that 5G transmits data at a speed said to be 10 times greater than 4G which was rolled out in 2009. 

Now, with the US on-going trade war with China which had led to the ban of  Huawei in the US, we hope things get resolved and don't affect the development of the next generation of wireless connectivity since Huawei who is also working on 6G is a major player in 5G tech.

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