These 12 Paid Android Apps & Games Are Free For A Limited Period Of Time

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We have some paid Android apps and games on the Google Play Store that will be going as free download for a limited period of time.

Todays list contains 12 of these apps whose developers have decided to give them out as free download for a specified period of time. If you browse the list below, you will see that each app has its own price which you are to pay for if you were to download in on a normal day.

Another thing with the list is that these apps all have different periods in which they can be gotten for free. Some apps will be free for just today, some will stay some extra days free while others will remain as free download for as long as 7 days.

Take a few minutes of your time and go through the list and download as much as you can. Also remember to drop your thoughts regarding today's list in the comment section.

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  1. Volume Scheduler Pro - Schedule Volume Profiles $0.99 -> Free; Sale ends in 1 day
  2. App Shortcuts - Easy App Swipe (TUFFS Pro) $0.99 -> Free; Sale ends in 3 days
  3. Kitchen Timer Pro - Kitchen Reminder Timer $0.99 -> Free; Sale ends in 3 days
  4. Recent App Switcher (DIESEL Pro) $0.99 -> Free; Sale ends in 3 days
  5. Smart navigation bar - navbar slideshow $0.99 -> Free; Sale ends in 3 days
  6. VA-Beast Essentials-2 $1.99 -> Free; Sale ends in 3 days


  1. LASERBREAK 2 $2.49 -> Free; Sale ends in 3 days
  2. Spades (Full) $0.99 -> Free; Sale ends in 5 days
  3. $0.99 -> Free; Sale ends in 6 days
  4. Ruby Square: logical puzzle game (700 levels) $0.99 -> Free; Sale ends in 7 days

Icon packs & customization

  1. Auto Wallpaper Changer (CLARO Pro) $0.99 -> Free; Sale ends in 3 days
  2. Precise : Icon Pack $5.00 -> Free; Sale ends in 5 days
Source: Androidpolice

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