This Smartphone Microscope Will Allow You To See Your Own Blood Cells

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Have you ever thought of the idea that your smartphone can be transformed into a microscope for you to access whatever it is that you want to see in the micro world? Well, dream no more for it is here.

A kicstarter project by Smart Micro Optics (SMO) promises to transform your tablet or smartphone's camera into a powerful microscope that makes possible the viewing of the micro world.

Called DIPLE, this kit is a budget alternative to the standard microscope. The kit is capable of giving you 1000x magnification using your smartphone or tablet as monitor to examine microorganisms, bacteria, engine particles in the exhausts and even your own blood cells!

It doesn't take much time to set it up. All that you have to do is collect a sample and place it on the prepared slides and then place your camera on the optical system. You can snap photos and as well make videos in HD of whatever it is that you are testing.

For you to be able to achieve a pixelation free 1000x magnification, a smartphone with a very good camera is recommended. There's also an app that you will need to install to get the microscope working.

The kit has three layers of magnification; 35x, 75x and 150x which  can be radically increased with the digital zoom of the smartphone that you are using for it.

The developers claim that the DIPLE kit is made with metal and can survive a 10 metre fall and still work perfectly well without issues.

You can backup this project on Kickstarter.


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