CE2020: Sony Reveals New PS5 Logo, Confirms 2020 Launch

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Sony at CES 2020 has revealed the logo for the up coming PlayStation 5 console, and as well confirms 2020 launch for the much anticipated console.

Though Sony kept much information about the console under the wraps, people had hoped the company would reveal the device and let everyone have their first look at it. 

The new PlayStation 5 logo is nothing revolutionary. It's a straight rip-off from the PS4 logo. All that Sony did was to replace the '4' in the PS4 logo with a '5'. 

Sony also revealed that the console would launch in the 2020 holidays. Though, there isn't an exact date yet for the launch.

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About the specs of the much awaited console, the confirmed leaked information that says the PS5 will come with AMD Zen 2 CPU and a custom AMD GPU that supports ray-tracing and 3D audio technology. The console is expected to have SSD storage.

The PS5 will also carry support for HDR and 8K resolution, and as well will have an up[graded controller for next-gen gaming and a built-in Blu-ray player.

Sony also revealed that it has sold about 104 million units, which makes it the second best-selling game console in history behind the PS2.

As for the pricing, Sony didn't reveal anything relating to that though Mark Cerny, Sony PS5 architect said the company wants the console to be accessible for everybody. However, expect the price to be north of $500.

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