Huawei Partners With TomTom For Google Maps Alternative

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Following the US ban of Google's apps on Huawei phones, the Chinese phone maker have sought for an alternative to Google Maps by entering into partnership with TomTom.

According to Reuters, Huawei will have a mapping tool, thanks to navigation specialists TomTom who will provide maps, live traffic information and software for Huawei smartphones. 

The US ban placed on Huawei prevents it from dealing with any US tech company. However, since TomTom is based in the Netherlands, Huawei shouldn't have any issues.

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Speaking to Reuters, TomTom spokesperson Remco Meerstra said the deal with Huawei had been finalized sometime ago, though the company at that didn't want to make the new public for reasons not said. The financial details of the agreement were not also revealed.

Ever since the US ban, Huawei has been working hard to get rid of US dependence. The Chinese has its own operating system, an app store, and is working on other things that will cover the lack of Google's apps and services which has made their phones a tough sell in different markets around the world.

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