Huawei To Make Cheap $150 5G Phones By The End Of The Year

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5G technology is new and many countries around the globe are yet to adopt it. Though 5G comes with super fast Internet speed and makes the upload of heavy data less a pain, you will all agree that any that has to do with 5G is expensive, at least for now.

From the Infrastructure setup (which just a few countries have done) to the gadgets and smartphones that are 5G capable, with their prices all on the high side. 

There are several 5G phones with the most expensive costing over $2,000 and the cheapest being sold for about $290. However, with the latest news from Huawei, we should expect to see cheaper 5G capable phones by the end of this year or early 2021.

According to Chinese news outlet, Huawei is working to deliver a 5G smartphone which will be sold for about CNY 1028 (about $150) to enable more people experience the 5G.

Thanks to the recently unveiled MediaTel 1000L and Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G chipsets with 5G modem integration,  5G connectivity which as at now is a flagship-exclusive feature will be available on mid-rang smartphones.

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