Telegram v5.14 Update Brings Polls 2.0 With Visible Votes, Multiple Answers, Quiz Mode And More

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Telegram has released an update to its clients on Android and iOS, bringing version 5.14. The new update brings Polls 2.0, the option that allows users to modify chat bubble corners and a download progress bar for Android.

The Polls 2.0 has some reworked options for creating polls, the ability to see what those who participated in the polls voted for, also allowing users to create multiple answer polls and quizzes.

Before the update, users on Telegram could only create anonymous polls. But now, users of a Group will be able to see those that participated in the polls and what they voted for.

There are now three kinds of polls on Telegram. The first is 'Visible Votes', in this poll, you will be able to see those who voted in the group and what they voted for.

Next is the 'Multiple Answers'. This poll allows the creation of multiple answers and is useful when you want to create a poll that fora playlist of songs or when scheduling events for groups. 

The third poll is the 'Quiz Mode'. This kind of poll, just as the name suggests, functions like a quiz and only when the question is answered correct, Telegram will shower the chat screen with confetti.

Telegram has also added the support for these new polls to the Bot API so that bots too will be able to create quizzes and other fun activities. Other new features that came with the update includes a setting that allows for the change of round corners of chat bubbles, and also there's an indicator for downloads which now available on Android (used to be on iOS alone). 

You can download the new update v5.14 for Android on the Google Play Store and for iOS users on the App Store.

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