Beware! This WhatsApp Coronavirus Message Is A big Time Scam

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WhatsApp is a messaging platform used by 2 billion people worldwide to exchange messages, pass information, share files, make voice over IP calls, etc. While the messaging platform has a lot of benefits, there are also many down side of it, the major one which is fake news.

A scam message is fast circulating on WhatsApp, with claims that garlic can cure the deadly Corona virus which has infected thousands of people around the world, with its focus in China where it originated from.

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The hoax message claims to reveal a cure for the virus, saying that old Chinese doctor have prove it to be very efficient against the dreaded virus.

Here's what the message reads:

Pass it please.

Good news, Wuhan's corona virus can be cured by one bowl of freshly boiled garlic water. 
Old Chinese doctor has proven it's efficacy. Many patients has also proven this to be effective. Eight (8) cloves of chopped garlics add seven (7) cups of water and bring to boil. Eat and drink the boiled garlic water, overnight improvement and healing. Glad to share this.

But then who will fall for this hoax? nobody will! Oops! its the Internet age. People are gullible and are on the ready to fall for anything...just anything! We always encourage people to make research on matters as such to avoid spreading fake news.

This month, the World Health Organization (WHO) and Internet search giant Google partnered and launched an SOS alert to help curb the spread of Corona virus.

Whenever someone searches for terms related to Corona virus on Google Search, Google will display a curated search page with the latest news, safety tips and live updates from WHO that has do with Corona virus.

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