Google Is Shutting Down Google Station Free Wi-Fi Program All Around The World

Pappi Hex
Internet search giant Google has announced that it has decided to permanently shut down Google Station program globally this year.

Introduced in September 2016, Google brought fast free public Wi-Fi to several of the busiest railways in India. Google later expanded the program to other countries in Asia and then to countries in Latin America and Africa.

The Google Station program was aimed at bringing fast free Internet access in developing countries by teaming up with local ISPs in 9 countries. The Internet search giant in this way has been able to fund hundreds of public Wi-Fi hotspots in these countries.

Google explained that getting online has become fordable compared to five years ago and that mobile data plans have even grown cheaper, improving the growth of mobile connectivity globally.

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"Mobile data plans have become more affordable and mobile connectivity is improving globally. India, specifically now has among he cheapest mobile data per GB in the world, with mobile data pries having reduced by 95% in the last 5 years," Google India's blog reads.

Google says that it would be transitioning hotspot operations over to its local partners in Brazil, India, the Philippines, South Africa, Mexico, Nigeria, Vietnam and Thailand.

"We are working with our partners to transition existing sites so they can remain useful resources for the community," Google said.

"Our commitment to supporting the next billion users remains stronger than ever, from continuing our efforts to make the internet work for more people; building more relevant and helpful apps and services; proving digital skills training for users and businesses and creating platforms that are helpful and empower developers and internet users among the world," the search giant added.

Via: Google

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