You Can Now Get 4 Months Of Free Unlimited Streaming On Apple Music On Your Android Device

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You can now get four months of free access to over 50 million songs on Apple's Music streaming service.

With Apple Music, you can listen to online radio stations, search for artists, albums, playlists, music genres, record labels, etc. You can as well create, edit and share playlists and tracks with other users and also access songs offline when you aren't connected to the Internet.

Normally, when signing up for Apple Music, you get 3 months trial of free access to the streaming service. However, when you make use of the Groupon deal, you get 4 months instead.

The only requirement for this offer is if you are a new Apple Music subscriber after which you will then choose either an individual subscription or a family plan for your four months free trial.

It is worth to note that the family plan accommodates up to six different accounts on the plan. These six accounts can customize their playlists the way they want, change settings, preferences and other stuffs without affecting the others.
This offer doesn't apply to existing Apple Music subscribers, however, those who subscribed to the service but later abandoned it for whatever best reason known to them can enjoy one month of free Apple Music access.

If you signup for the service and enjoy it, you can continue using it. However, those that don't plan to extend their subscription after the free trial should remember to cancel before the renewal date.

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