WhatsApp Has Permanently Stopped Working For Android 2.3.7, iOS 8 And Older

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WhatsApp has stopped working for older versions of Android and iOS devices, starting this February. The instant messaging giant, since 2017, has been warning users about those that will lose support, but times flies fast and its already 2019.

Those affected on iOS are users running on iOS 8 and older, while Android users are those running on Android 2.3.7 and older. This means, those using devices such as the Galaxy S, Desire HD, Nexus One, Droid X2, and other phones that were made during that period won't run WhatsApp again.

Affected users will lose access to all of their chats if they haven't been backed up or exported from the device. This is coming after WhatsApp last year permanently stopped working for those on the Windows Mobile platform.

If by any means you happen to be among those affected, you have two options to choose from so as to avoid losing your chats. Option 1, you have to switch to a newer device with updated software. Option 2, you still have to get a newer device with updated software. Oops.

WhatsApp says that there's no option for users to transfer chat history between platforms. However, there's an option for users to export chat history as an email attachment.

To save chats on your obsolete device, open WhatsApp > tap on the three dots located on the top right corner of the screen chats > tap on More > Export Chat. Now you decide if you wan to include media or not in the chats.

Next, you will choose the platform that want to export the chats to. You can export it to your email account where it can be downloaded when ever you need it, or you can simply save it on your phone. Note that the option to save chat isn't available for WhatsApp users living in Germany.

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