Angry Huawei Says It Won't Return To Google Services Even If US Lifts Trade Ban

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Last year, Huawei managed to beat Apple to become the second largest smartphone manufacturer in 2019, despite the US trade ban placed on it. Now, the Chinese smartphone maker has said that it won't return to use any of Google services even if the US lifts the ban.

Tensions between China and the US has cooled off, and the two appears to be coming to terms with each other. However, Huawei has no plans to return back to Google after the US ban cut it off from Google's apps and services for more than half a year.

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According to Austrian newspaper Der Standard who spoke with Huawei's Austrian country manager, Fred Wangfei, says that the company wants to get rid of it's dependence on US politics, since no one could tell if another ban will follow the current one.

For this, Huawei's goal is to create a third smartphone ecosystem next to Android and iOS. We have seen Huawei create an alternative to the Android OS, though attracting developers onto the platform is another heavy task which is the decider of its survival.

To woe Android developers, Huawei wants its OS to stay as close to Android so as not to give developers additional work. To that, the Chinese company is working on creating a Google Play Service like functionality that offers APIs for apps push notifications and location services.

Standard says that Huawei, via its team of 4,000 developers, has replicated the most essential 24 out of 60 individual APIs through its Mobile Services alternative.

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