Samsung Patents 6-camera Tilting Array For Its Future Smartphones

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We've seen innovations from Samsung such as its foldable phones and other crazy concepts. Now Samsung seem prepared to retake the top spot as the camera king on mobile phones. 

According to a newly published patent filed by Samsung, the South Korean tech giant envisions a fascinating 6 camera tilting array for its future device. Called "Apparatus and method for operating multiple cameras for digital photography," the 55-page document shows the company to be working on a camera setup that includes 5 wide-angle lenses and one telephoto lens, and as well as other variations.
The patent notes that these cameras tiltable, with each lens having the ability to tilt independently on its own. Theoretically, a device could optimize the camera array configuration using special image processing algorithms that achieve greater quality than if the sensors were immovable. 

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Take for example when taking photos in panoramic landscape mode. The outside camera lens would tilt towards the edge, leaving the center ones to remain straight and the device would be able to capture a wider and higher quality image by taking data from all six camera lenses, combining them to make an awesome photography.

The patents also states that the camera array can produce quality images in poor lighting conditions, and as well as increased focus range and higher-quality HDR when properly optimized.

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