Samsung Phones May Not Come With A Charger In The Retail Box Starting Next Year

Pappi Hex

South Korea electronics giant Samsung, from next year might stop bundling smartphones with chargers as a means to reduce cost.

According to ETNews, the South Korean giant is planning to exclude chargers in its smartphones packaging next year. One reason for this could be to reduce cost on the ever-growing smartphone prices, while another reason might have to do with the implementation of 5G to reduce cost.

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Another reason for this could be that the electronics giant wants to save cost by removing chargers that might not be "necessarily needed" since most household accumulates chargers, and thus, removing charges would be a welcome idea most especially to households that uses Android gadgets.

For now, this report hasn't been confirmed by Samsung and so lets take the new with a pinch of salt. However, if this happens to be true, we should expect some reduction ion price for Samsung phones. But the real question is "how much" will be reduced since the post cites that Samsung charges are not expensive components.

Some weeks ago, it was reported that Apple plans to exclude charges from this years iPhone's, alongside the wired headphones. The reason for this too was is to reduce the cost of the phones since they will be 5G capable. 

If this report happens to be true, and other big shots in the smartphone industry follow the trend, this move will become a thing and other smartphone makers too will follow suite.

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