Twitter Has Crossed 1 Billion Installations On The Google Play Store

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Micro blogging platform Twitter has crossed over 1 billion installation on the Google Play Store. Twitter is a tool for personal communication, public updates and announcement from politics, tech news, and more.

Given Twitter's popularity, its quite strange that the social networking app is joining the likes of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and WhatsApp which recently crossed over 5 billion installs this year, and a few other Google apps that do come pre-installed on different Android OEMs.

However, one major reason why it took Twitter this long to reach this milestone could be because the service has many third-party applications that could be used to make posts on Twitter. And of course, many Twitter users preferred using those third-party clients to the main Twitter app because of many functionalities they had to offer.

Since Twitter began to impose heavy restrictions on those third-party apps, majority of them were killed in the process and many users eventually had to return back to Twitter's main app or the web version.

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