Hackers Hijack And Play P*rn Videos In Twitter Hack Court Hearing On Zoom

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Hackers have interfered a Zoom court hearing involving the hacking of high profile Twitter accounts and displayed p*rn video contents, forcing the judge to call off the session.

Last month, several high profile accounts of Twitter users such as Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Apple, Elon Musk, and others were hijacked and used to steal over $100,000 worth of Bitcoins from unsuspecting followers.

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The Zoom call hearing involved the hacker, Graham Clark, a 17-year-old Florida-based teen who is considered to be the main culprit in the Twitter attack. However, while the digital hearing was going on Zoombombers posing as BBC and CNN reporters broke into the hearing and began to play loud music and racial slurs.

Before long, the hackers did not only interfere with the digital hearing but also displayed p*rnographic video content, which then forced the judge to call off the session.
According to Brian Krebs, a private reporter that covers cybercrime and cyber-security related topics, said that the judge failed to set up the meeting in a secure manner that allowed participants to take over the screen.

The presiding judge, Christopher Nash, said that he will require password next time to avoid Zoombombers. However, the password alone won't stop Zoombombers unless settings are implemented to prevent screen takeovers by participants.

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