6 Best Torrent Sites and How to Use Them

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While torrents aren't exactly new, there is plenty of changes in where to
find them and how to use them — here's your 2020 guide to the best torrent sites.
Torrents have become one of the most popular ways to download content over the last decade. What used to be considered a sketchy, untrustworthy method of filesharing by some is now the new norm. If you want to take full advantage of torrenting, though, you need to find the best torrent sites.
The worst torrent sites aren't just hard to use and full of ads, they may also have viruses! If you want to download torrents safely, use the sites below and follow this guide on how to use them.
1. The Pirate Bay
If you've heard of torrenting, you've probably heard of The Pirate Bay. It's the big bad torrent site that just won't stay down.
The Pirate Bay, sometimes shortened to TPB, is the most popular torrent site of all time. If you can think of it, The Pirate Bay probably has it for download. From films to books to adult content and more, you'll find it all here.
Straight from the homepage, you're given a search bar that you can type anything into to find. You can filter your search right from under the bar. If you're not looking for anything specific, you can also browse torrents, and even the top 100 most popular files of the moment for download.
To download from TPB, just click the torrent you want and click 'Download File.' You can also hit the little magnet for a magnet link that connects the torrent directly to your torrent manager. Talk about easy!

If you're looking for TV and movies, this is the place to go.
RARBG offers a ton of popular categories at the left-hand side of the homepage. Click 'Movies,' for example, and you'll see images of new films out now that are ready for download. Below that, you have a search bar, a list of recently uploaded files, and methods of sorting your search.
You can browse by top box office, and even just view trailers if you're looking for something new. You can do direct downloading or magnet links, here.
The nicest thing about each file on RARBG is how detailed they are. When you click a movie, you'll see a description of it, an IMDB rating, a list of actors, the year the film was made, and more. You'll even get related files if you're looking for a similar property.
The only video type you won't find on here is YouTube videos. If you're trying to download YouTube videos, click the link here
3. Torrentz2
Torrentz2 works as a repository for torrent websites.
The homepage is very bare; just a page description and a search bar. Type anything you'd like to download into the search bar and hit the magnifying glass to look for it. You'll see a Google-Search-like interface pop up with links to other torrent sites fitting your search.
From there, you can navigate to the external torrent site and find the download button. Torrentz2 searches all the top torrent sites for you to find exactly what you need. The site may not host torrents, but it's the greatest middleman you could ever ask for.
4. Kickass
Kickass Torrents was once the number-two torrent site behind ThePirateBay. Now, it's back after being shut down for years under a new URL.
Kickass offers a similar experience to TPB. It has movies, shows, games, music, and lets you browse them in the same ways. You can view a top 100 list, browse everything, or simply search for what you want.

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Once you've found a torrent you'd like, click on it and you'll see a few icons near the top of the page. Click 'DOWNLOAD TORRENT' for a direct download, or the magnet icon for a magnet download. You also have a movie description and comments section here.
Kickass is simple and it's flourishing, full of torrents. If you can't find it on TPB, you can likely find it here.

5. 1337x
1337x (pronounced leet-ex) is a fantastic site for movies and music.
The homepage offers a search bar, followed by a ton of category options for torrents. This is one of the best-looking torrent sites out there. Browsing the film section, everything is clearly labeled and HD, with a simple interface that shows the number of seeds, the filesize, and how many comments each file has.
Just click the torrent you want, then click either 'MAGNET DOWNLOAD' or 'TORRENT DOWNLOAD' to get going. Like RARBG you get a lot of details here, like a plot synopsis, actor is, IMDB page, and screenshots to prove the quality. It's easy, it's got a great interface -- what's not to like?
If you want something a little different, try YTS.MX.
The first thing you'll see when you enter YTS is film posters. As you scroll you go through the categories, from popular downloads to new additions and upcoming films that are being uploaded as you're browsing.
Just click a poster and you'll see a film and quality description. At the bottom of the page is tons of reviews from users who have seen the film. The site has a built-in star rating system, encouraging legitimate reviews of each film.
To download the file, just look to the right of the poster you clicked and click the download button. If you're looking for something new to watch, this is the best bet.
Only Use the Best Torrent Sites.
If you're looking for the best torrent downloads, you need to use the best torrent sites. Try out the torrent sites above and discover a world of new content without worry of viruses. You deserve to download torrents safely, and now you can.
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