9 Hidden Free Games In Google Search You Must Play In 2024

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From checking the latest news, weather report, and other searching for answers, there are several thins one could do using Google Search. However, do you know that there are so many hidden games that you could call up in your Google search results and play for free? 

Yup! You can play these games for free by using certain keywords to search on Google. To get these games, it might take you sometime to search the games before you into consideration whether to try them out or not. 

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However, we are here to save you time and thus have put together a list of interesting games for you to play. Most of these games can be gotten using simple keywords and played right from Google's search result. Take a few minutes of your time and go through the list.

1. Google Earth Flight Simulator

This game is the only game on the list that is kinda different from the rest of the list. We included it because many people have the Google Earth app but don't know that they could actually use it to casually browse the earth at the comfort of their home.

However, the Google Earth app for Android, iOS or PC is required for anyone that wants to explore the earth. In fact, users can also go far places such as the Moon, Sun and Mars.

You can read here for the controls.

2. Snake

Remember the good old Nokia Snake game? Well Nokia made the game available to everyone online during its return to the smartphone market. The game doesn't require anything other than an Internet connection and the keyword to call it up on Google Search.

To play this game, you are to type "Snake" in Google's search bar and the result will show up. Right in the search results, you will be able to play the game by pressing the "play" button.

3. T Rex Game

If you've used the Google Chrome browser before the you should know this game works without an Internet connection. The aim of the game on the Chrome browser is to keep the user engaged even there is no Internet connection.

You can play the game for free using the Chrome browser, or you can type "T Rex Game" in Google for the game. Alternatively, you can visit offlinedino and play the game direct. 

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4. Pacman

Remember the classic old Pacman? Yeah, you don't need to download or install any app for you to bring back those old memories because has made things easy for you.

To play Pacman, simply type "Pacman" in Google Search and the result will display a button to play the game direct from the search results.

5. SmartyPins

Smarty Pins is a Google Maps based geography and trivia game. The tests users geography knowledge and it's highly addictive. You can visit here to play the game.

6. Atari Breakout

To play this game, visit Google Search and then go to the Image section and then type "Atari Breakout". Google will in turn respond to the user. Enjoy.

7. Solitaire

If you like card games then Solitaire shouldn't be a strange name to you. If you can play the game directly from Google's search result when you type the name "Solitaire" in the Internet's giant search bar.

When the results comes up, click on the play button and start playing the game. You can decide the difficult level for more fun.

8. Zerg Rush

This one is pretty straight forward. Just open Google Search and type in the keyword "Zerg Rush" and then click on search. When the results comes up, you won't see any other thing such website links or images but the Zerg Rush game alone.

9. Google Feud

Google Feud doesn't have anything to do with you fighting. The require you to guess the most common autocomplete options for different searches.

With this game, the player will gain knowledge on what people are searching for on Google. Google Feud searches are up to date so be ready to attain knowledge here.

This above list is what we have for you. Let us know what you think in the comment section.

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