Google's New App Will Pay You Cash To Take Photos And Do Other Minor Task: Available In Kenya And India For Now

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Looking for some way to earn extra bucks? The Task Mate app might just be the right answer to your question. Task Mate is a Google app that promises to reward users in the form of cash for completing simple tasks.

Sill in Early Access, the app give users tasks to do things like taking photographs of a front store or recording yourself saying phrases like "how do i get to the nearest railroad station?" While many of the tasks require more data to build up, users can freely request other entitles if they are in need of crowdsourced info.

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According to the Task Mate's support page, tasks are assigned based on user performance, with high emphasis on accuracy. Your task results are checked against others who completed the same assignment, and the requester can perform a "spot check" of your work.

A minimum of $10 is required for cash out, though it could take a while depending on the how many and what kind of tasks you're assigned. 

For now, this app is limited to regions like India and Kenya, though the app is expected to spread to other regions if it survives the taste phase. However, given Google's habit of killing its apps at free will, there is no ruling out that the Task Mate app won't be subjected to it.

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  1. The app requires a referral code to be able to do start the tasks. Where does one get a referral code?

  2. It requires referral code. Assist

  3. Techfoe should have given this info, instead of sending us on a wild goose chase. Below is the response I got from the developer when I asked about the referral code:


    Thank you for your interest in Task Mate! We currently have limited access to Task Mate and are unable to extend further invites at this time.


    Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043

    You received this transactional email because you contacted Google for support.

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