Apple Fined $12 Million In Italy For False Water Resistance Claims On iPhones

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Apple has been fined 10 million (about $12 million) by Italy's antitrust authority over the way it advertises the iPhone water resistance feature to people.

The California-based was fined by the Italian regulatory body for "aggressive and misleading" commercial practices regarding iPhones and their water resistance ratings. 

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According to Reuters, the regulator said that Apple advertises iPhones as water resistant without clarifying that they are only so under certain circumstances. 

It went on to add that the company is tricking its customers through its disclaimers, which says that phones aren't covered by warranty in case of damage from liquids. Customers are also not provided support when their phones are damaged by water and other liquids, which is misleading when you look at the water resistance claims made by the company.

Apple declined to comment on the matter.

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