Robbers Steal Nearly $7 Million Worth Of Apple Products In Highway Robbery

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Apple products worth $6.6 million (£5 million) have been stolen from a lorry during a highway robbery in London.

According to the Northamphtonshire police, the offenders "targeted and tied up" a lorry driver and security guard on the M1, one of the U.K.'s major north-south routes on the evening of Nov. 10.

The robbers then drove the lorry to the nearby village of Crick, where they transferred the trailer loaded with Apple products to an awaiting truck, leaving the driver and the guard behind. The truck was later found across a county border to the north, in Leicestershire.

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The police believes the robbers transferred all the contents in the truck which supposedly contain 48 pallets of Apple products  to a third vehicle. The stolen items includes AirPods, Apple Watches and iPhone 11s.

The authorities are willing to speak to anyone who many have been offered any Apple products for sale "in unusual circumstance," or anyone who knows someone that is selling any of the mentioned Apple products at low cost prices.


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