Man's Wife Sells His PlayStation 5 For Cheap After She Discovered He Lied That It Was An Air Purifier

Pappi Hex

A Taiwanese man who is a heavy gamer was among the few lucky to have snapped up the PlayStation 5 (PS5) when it was launched, however, it didn't go down well with his wife.

According to Taiwan News, the man's wife wasn't happy with the time he spent playing video games. Following his new purchase of the PS5 console, the man was afraid to tell the wife that he bought a PS5 and then lied to her that he bought an air purifier.

Funny enough, both the PS5 and air purifier looked very much alike. A perfect cover that should have worked for him.

Unfortunately for him, his wife was able to tell the difference between an air purifier and a PS5, and didn't waste time in selling off the gaming console online.

Taiwan News explained that the man who bought the PS5 console from the woman said the console was the cheapest he had ever seen.


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