10 Best Zoom Alternatives For Video Conferencing in 2022

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Last year, the coronavirus global pandemic forced governments across the world to place their citizens under lockdown to combat the spread. This made companies over the globe to embrace a work from home culture, giving rise to video conferencing apps.

Among the hundreds of video conferencing apps downloaded last year, Zoom came out on top. The app is free, and provides users an easy way to set up calls for business and individual. However, Zoom has its own downside that ranges from security to privacy, and others.

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If you've been having second thoughts over Zoom or wanted an alternative to the video conferencing app, then you've come to the right place. In this post, we will be looking at the top 10 Zoom video conferencing apps.

1. Cisco Webex Meetings:

Cisco Webex Meetings is a premium video conferencing app that has all that's needed to fulfill all your communication needs. The communication tool works for all kinds of business, be it small-scale, mid-scale or large-scale. The tool is used by Cable News Network (CNN).

There is a free plan which limits users to only 40 mins sessions, while the premium plan offer users full access to the services.

2. Skype:

Skype is one of the most trusted video conferencing app out there and a very good replacement to Zoom. Skype supports calling of up to 50 people, is free, allows screen sharing and recording, and as well cross-platform support. 

In terms of security and privacy, Skype is way ahead of Zoom.

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3. Google Hangouts Meet:

The popular Google Hangouts Meet is one of the very best alternatives to Zoom since they share lots of similarities. The app is part of G-Suite and very popular among commercial companies.

The free plan allow, users can add up to 250 users for text, voice, and video chats. However, users are required to have a Gmail account which they are to sign in to start a session.

4. GoToMeeting:

GoToMeeting is a leading video conferencing services out there and one of the very good alternative to Zoom. The premium video conferencing service has support for all platforms and as well offer a 14-day trial.

5. Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft Teams is another Zoom alternative that offers video conferencing services to businesses and individuals. It is part of the Microsoft Office 365 application. Though it is meant for businesses, anyone can use it with their personal Microsoft email address.

The free version of Microsoft Teams includes unlimited chats messages, video calls (up to 60 minutes), 10Gb of file storage, etc.

6. Zoho Meeting:

Zoho Meeting is a video conferencing service just like the others we mentioned...though more suited for webinars and online meetings.

Unlike GoToMeeting that places you on a 14-day free trial, Zoho has a free plan that comes with limited features. If you are a regular user and your needs isn't much, you can stick to the free plan or go for the premium package instead.

Some this video conferencing service key feature includes group chats, recording meeting, and control over participants' audio and video.

7. Facebook Messenger Rooms:

Imagine this list without Messenger Rooms by Facebook. Introduced last year by Facebook, Messenger Rooms allows Facebook users to create public or private video rooms. 

Users can create public or private video rooms, which can accommodate up to 50 people. Also, users can use Messenger's filters during video call. However, the downside  with Messenger Rooms is that Room calls aren't end-to-end encrypted.

8. Join.me:

Small business owner? Join.me should do well for you. Join.me is a premium video conferencing service that is geared towards small business owners. 

There's a $10 plan that supports up to 5 participants and there is no time limit in the premium plan. The $20 plan allows up to 250 participants.

9. BlueJeans:

This popular communication tool has a live video call feature and is very popular among gamers. To start a video call, user need to set up a dedicated server and then host a video or text chats. Once done with the setup, users can make live video calls with 10 to 50 users.

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BlueJeans is a video conferencing services for Digital Workplace. The cloud-based video call service offers high-quality streaming for small teams, with the base plan which starts at $19.98 per month and allows up to 50 participants.

10. Discord:


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